Our Story

Two sisters with a dream….

About 8 years ago we talked about our dream of opening a brick and mortar boutique in our hometown of Columbus, Georgia.  The timing just wasn’t right for either one of us at that time.  Both of us had our own careers so we put off the dream for the time being.  Leigh was an elementary school special education teacher and Ashley was serving as a police officer.  Although we both were busy with our own families and careers, the dream of owning a boutique was always on our mind. Finally, in 2015, we both decided to take the plunge and open an online boutique, rather than a brick and mortar store.  We both felt that an online store would allow for flexibility, giving us time to devote to developing the business, but also allow time with our families.   

Probably the toughest decision in the beginning was coming up with a catchy name for our new business.  We finally decided to combine the names of Leigh's daughter, Madison, and Ashley's youngest daughter, Katelyn.  So in April of 2015, Madison Kate Boutique, LLC was created.  Two months later, on the fifth of June, our website was launched to the public.  We are so thrilled to be able to live our dream and provide our family, friends, and loyal customers with quality products at an affordable price.  Our goal for our business is to live by our motto and deliver to our customers, “Style, Quality, and Service!”   

Thank you for being a customer of Madison Kate Boutique, LLC,

Leigh Zachry Trimble and Ashley Zachry Cook